Alive at 25 - Lincoln Public Schools

aa25 groupGive your teen the skills to keep them safe behind-the-wheel

This course addresses the number one cause of death for Nebraska teens: Motor Vehicle Crashes

What your teen will learn in this four-hour course:

  • Why young adults often underestimate risk
  • The effects of inexperience, peer pressure and such distractions as cell phones, texting, MP3 players and GPS
  • The dangers of “kneeing”
  • State and local driving laws and regulations
  • Communication skills for assertiveness and being a leader
  • Responsibility of passengers

Driving is a life-skill your youth will use every day – Equip them with knowledge to make good driving decisions. This class is for 15-18 year old teens and is a great complimentary course with driver’s education, but doesn’t replace it.

Tuition Fee: $25*

Thanks to State Farm Insurance for providing funding to offer the ALIVE AT 25 course at a reduced fee.

*Students on the free or reduced lunch program may contact the Nebraska Safety Council at 402.483.2511 for information on a sliding fee schedule.


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