About Us

Our Mission
Located in Lincoln and serving all of Nebraska since 1961, the Nebraska Safety Council's mission is to provide leadership and resources to promote a safe and a healthy environment in our workplace, on our roads and in our homes and communities.
In Our Workplace
We offer a variety of workplace safety and wellness programs and services to help employers provide a safe and healthy work environment. From regulatory compliance to best safety and wellness practices, we meet organizations where they are in their safety and wellness journey.

On Our Roads
For most of us, driving is a life skill we use every day. Since our beginning, we have taught the importance of defensive driving and safe behaviors behind the wheel. We offer driver improvement courses from the novice to the experienced driver.

In Our Homes and Communities
Safety begins in our homes and communities. From child proofing our homes, to eliminating fall hazards, it's about developing a culture of safety. Its awareness, education and the realization that "accidents" don't have to happen. They are preventable.