Workplace Safety Awards

Workplace Safety Awards Program


2018 Workplace Safety Awards Application

This program is designed for Nebraska Safety Council members that encourage and promote the prevention of occupational injuries and illness in the workplace. The award levels are: Spirit, Star and the top honor — Peak Performance.

Applications submitted are reviewed by a volunteer, independent committee of Council member company safety professionals.

The criteria for these awards are based on the statistical data submitted with the application. The data submitted is compared to the Bureau of Labor Statistics national average incident rate for their industry.

Training activities are evaluated for quantity, type and the average number of hours trained per employee.

The committee reviews the most common injury or highest risk identified by the applicant and evaluates how that injury or risk is being addressed through the safety committee minutes and training documentation submitted.

Based on the above, each application receives a score which determines the award level.

Awards are presented during the annual Nebraska Safety Council Conference and Trade Show Awards Luncheon.