Worker 360° Risk Assessment

Members of the Nebraska Safety Council will have access to a new, powerful tool starting in January 2019. Our Worker 360° Risk Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive view of your workforce. The aggregate report will give you data to minimize risks and reduce unnecessary costs, all while improving worker quality of life. Get the information you need to take your programs to the next level!

Read more about the Worker 360° Risk Assessment.   Employee View

Easy for Employees

We'll provide you with sample communications to encourage employee participation. They can log in and take the risk assessment in an average of six minutes. Questions and responses are clear and easy to understand. The clear navigation lets employees see how they are progressing through each category of questions. 

Actionable Data for Employers

Your aggregate report will provide you with a wealth of information to inform and improve your programs. The report is formatted to be easy to read and interpret, check out this sample report to see an example. Plus, you can see how you compare to like-industries. 


"The Worker 360 Health and Safety Assessment was the answer our wellness program needed for an evidence-based risk assessment tool. The online questionnaire was very quick and easy, it took an average time of 4-5 minutes for each of our employees to complete. The final aggregated data reports were simple to read and helped us to identify and prioritize our risk factors. Overall great tool to enhance our wellness program outcomes!" - Cheto Cerda, Wellbeing Coordinator at Tabitha