Worker 360° Risk Assessment

Members of the Nebraska Safety Council will have access to a new, powerful tool starting in January 2019. Our Worker 360° Risk Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive view of your workforce. The aggregate report will give you data to minimize risks and reduce unnecessary costs, all while improving worker quality of life. Get the information you need to take your programs to the next level!

Read more about the Worker 360° Risk Assessment.   Employee View

Easy for Employees

We'll provide you with sample communications to encourage employee participation. They can log in and take the risk assessment in an average of six minutes. Questions and responses are clear and easy to understand. The clear navigation lets employees see how they are progressing through each category of questions. 

Actionable Data for Employers

Your aggregate report will provide you with a wealth of information to inform and improve your programs. The report is formatted to be easy to read and interpret, check out this sample report to see an example. Plus, you can see how you compare to like-industries. 


"The Worker 360 Health and Safety Assessment was the answer our wellness program needed for an evidence-based risk assessment tool. The online questionnaire was very quick and easy, it took an average time of 4-5 minutes for each of our employees to complete. The final aggregated data reports were simple to read and helped us to identify and prioritize our risk factors. Overall great tool to enhance our wellness program outcomes!" - Cheto Cerda, Wellbeing Coordinator at Tabitha

Membership Benefits

Our mission is to provide education and leadership to empower people to live safe and healthy.

We believe risk management needs to be integrated across several areas – from safety to wellness, both on and off the job. The future of employee care will require us to look at your workers from a 360° view. As your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Reduce illness and injuries and related costs
  • Improve worker quality of life on and off the job
  • Increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention
  • Maximize overall business performance

All organizations need to manage risk, regardless of size, location, or industry. There are different types of risks and they all can have a significant impact on worker's overall quality of life. Membership will provide you with a full spectrum of resources to integrate and improve your safety, wellness, and driving programs. By taking care of your best asset - your employees - your business will have improved outcomes. 


We are excited to announce that we transitioned to a single membership structure in January 2019. Members now receive both safety and wellness resources, support, and services. During 2019, members will see a change in dues during membership renewals. Please pay close attention to renewal communications. And don't forget to explore your Membership Benefits to see how much more you're getting with membership - take advantage of your benefits today!


Applying is easy, simply complete and submit the Membership Application form. If you have questions on benefits, the application, or our services and team, please contact Lauren Turner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 402.483.2511 ext. 104. 


Membership Benefits

Apply for Membership

Maximize your ROI when it comes to what you spend on safety. ASSE recently cited a poll of executives who said that “for every $1 spent on workplace safety, they saved at least $3.” Increase your savings further with a membership with the Nebraska Safety Council. Our extensive benefits list is structured to work for companies of all sizes and levels of need.

NEW Benefit: MSDSOnline

Make chemical management easy with MSDSOnline, a VelocityEHS solution. Our members get special rates on this robust and economical tool. Learn more about how you can centralize your Hazard Communication and GHS compliance with this cloud-based offering.

NEW! This streamlined solution benefits organizations of all sizes, across multiple industries, check out the case studies below:

  • Construction: Hear from Buffington Homes on competing with the "big guys"
  • Education: Read how one school district streamlined documentation on cleaners, lab chemcials, art supplies, and healthcare equipment
  • Higher Education: See how a leading research university spends less time managing binders and more time in the lab
  • Healthcare: A 25-bed facility uses MSDSOnline to free up more time for patient care
  • Manufacturing: As both distributor and fabricator, one company easliy tracks incoming products and quickly provides customers SDS information on the products they create
  • Manufacturing: A cloud-based SDS solution was a good fit for this industry leader in plastic injection molding
  • Municipalities: Even with some departments who preferred hard copies, this Oklahoma municipality saw MSDSOnline win over employees with ease of use

Register to attend an informational webinar and see for yourself how MSDSOnline could work for your organization.

Free Benefits

Phone and email consultation ContactB
Instead of spending your limited time searching for standards or wondering if your new program covers everything you need, get peace of mind by reaching out to the experts. We'll help get time back in your day, just call in or email your questions.

PlayBStreaming videos
Save hundreds from signing up for your own subscription service and get access to over 600 titles. Covering a wide range of topics across multiple industries, get quick access anywhere you can connect to the internet and have training videos at your fingertips!

SearchBNew member walkthrough
We want to start off on the right foot together and believe that being at your facility, in person, is a vital part of our partnership. We'll come out for a couple hours and do a review of your facility/operations and written programs, identify hazards, areas of opportunity, and help outline an action plan to improve safety efforts.

Discounted Products and Services

Industry Communications and Events

Access NeSC’s Extensive Video Library

  • Over 450 titles
  • 25+ titles in Spanish

No matter what your needs, we are here to help you on your journey to safety excellence. Call Lauren Turner at 402.483.2511 ext. 104 on how to become a member today.

Dual Membership

Apply for a Dual Membership for Safety and Wellness.

Total Worker Health™ is a strategy integrating occupational safety and health protection with health promotion to prevent worker injury and illness and to advance health and well-being.1

Emerging evidence recognizes that both work-related factors and health factors beyond the workplace contribute to many health and safety problems that confront today’s workers and their families. Traditionally, workplace health and safety programs have been compartmentalized. Health protection programs have focused squarely on safety, reducing worker exposures to risk factors arising in the work environment itself. And most workplace health promotion programs have focused exclusively on lifestyle factors off-the-job that place workers at risk. A growing body of science supports the effectiveness of combining these efforts through workplace interventions that integrate health protection and health promotion programs.

The Nebraska Safety Council and Workwell have combined their expertise and resources to support this movement and offer member companies the opportunity to implement the Total Worker Health™ concept in their organizations through a dual membership.

WorkWell Benefits

Nebraska Safety Council Benefits

  • Wellness Plans
  • National Benchmarking
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Wellness Strategy
  • Wellness Toolkit
  • Incentive Programs
  • Governor’s Award
  • National Award Assistance
  • Workshops & Conferences
  • Wellness Connection Meetings
  • Quarterly Wellness Huddle
  • Wellness Consulting
  • Community Partnerships
  • Discounted Membership for Nebraska Safety Council Members
  • Free Telephone Consultation
  • Members-Only Web Content
    • Safety Plans
    • Audit forms
    • Toolbox Talks
    • Inspection Checklists
  • Free Use of Video Library
  • Video on Demand Service
  • Training Discounts
    • Public, custom, onsite
  • Discounts on Safety Services
    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Contract Safety Director
    • Safety Program Development
  • Product Discounts
  • Annual Conferences
  • Electronic Newsletters
    • Safety Net-on the job
    • Safety 24/7-off the job
  • Professional Networking
    • Safety Connections meetings
    • Safety Conferences
    • Job Board
  • Safety Awards
  • Free Facility Assessment or records Review for NEW Members
  • Discounted Membership for WorkWell Members

Membership Dues Structure

Employee Count

Adjusted WorkWell Dues


Adjusted Safety Council Dues


Total Dual Membership

1-10 employees $275 + $255 = $530
11-49 employees $275 + $285 = $560
50-100 employees $525 + $325 = $850
101-200 employees $525 + $350 + $1 per employee over 100 = $___________
201-500 employees $750 + $426 + $1 per employee over 201 = $___________
501+ employees $1000 + $726 + $1 per employee over 501 = $___________