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Total Eclipse Safety


Be prepared for this monumental event by reviewing four major areas of risk for the total solar eclipse.

Injury liability for employers and spectators on company property

Be careful with work-sanctioned eclipse viewing events or parties. We recommend consulting with Human Resources, Risk Management, and/or Legal teams to determine the best way to approach viewing opportunities. Employers should be cautious around supplying eclipse viewers, allowing employees or spectators to view the eclipse on company property, as well as having a plan of action for employees who work outside. Construction sites, road crews, landscaping, maintenance teams and others should be aware of the time of the eclipse, as darkness will fall quickly. Don't let workers get caught operating equipment, working on ladders or scaffolds, or other tasks as the eclipse approaches. We recommend considering a stand-down, shut-down for those working outside. Block off 15 minutes around the eclipse and gather workers for a break.

Time off requests

Employers may see an increase in requests for time off that may not line up with production needs, leaving some supervisors having to figure out how they could limit the use of vacation time. Some companies may find reward or lottery systems helpful if they receive too many requests. Review your policy in advance, consult with management teams, apply it consistently and fairly, and be ready to defend against claims of discrimination or favoritism.

Supply shortages

Towns in the direct path of the total solar eclipse have been preparing for months, have you considered how the influx of tourists could potentially affect your supplies? Coordinate with suppliers in advance, as they may have policies in place to reduce or halt certain types of loads being shipped the days around the solar eclipse. Make sure company vehicles are fueled up at the end of the week prior to the eclipse.

Road and driver safety

Inform your staff of your expectations for those traveling on the road before, during, and after the total solar eclipse. Traffic will be a consideration in Nebraska during the days leading up to the eclipse, the day of, and also after the event. Plan extra travel time in to get to your destination safely. Even with headlights on, assume other drivers on the road may not be prepared for the eclipse or could be paying more attention to the sky than the road. We encourage folks to refrain from driving unless absolutely necessary near the time of the eclipse in your area for maximum safety.

Trucker Safety from the CDC

Trucker safety requires an alert, buckled-up experienced driver, with a reliable vehicle and strong employer safety programs.  The CDC has released a quick reference document on Trucker Safety which can be reached by clicking here

Online Interactive Training

e-learningInteractive online training courses through JJ Keller offer self-paced training that can be completed anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.

JJ Keller's Training Center uses a Training Points system to allow for easy purchasing and planning. The more points you purchase, the lower the cost will be for each employee. Points are purchased through the Nebraska Safety Council, so you benefit from higher volume pricing.

Training points can be used on any course. Each course typically requires 25 training points per seat.

We can help you build a training plan that walks you step-by-step through the process. You'll decide which courses you're interested in and how many students need to take each course. Then we'll determine how many points you'll need and help you save your plan for future reference.

Training Courses are available in the following categories:

  • Driver/DOT
  • Construction
  • Workplace Safety
  • Hazmat
  • Human Resources
  • Lab Safety
  • Right-to-Know

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Video Streaming

Video BoxVideo Streaming Member Benefit

You need a safety video, and you need it now. As an added member benefit, streaming videos are now available wherever, whenever. Simply log in as a member to access the Training Network service and download and browse the titles available.

This includes:

  • 575+ titles to choose from and new videos added monthly
  • 350+ titles in Spanish
  • Mobile friendly
  • Closed Captioning
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These streaming videos are meant to supplement any training you may have already taken. They are not a replacement for training courses.

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