Lactation Support at the Worksite

WorkWell offers resources and assistance in policies, systems, and environmental support for your company lactation program.

The Nebraska's Guide to Lactation Support toolkit was designed to help Nebraska employers become educated on the Nebraska laws, learn the benefits of supporting breastfeeding mothers, and receive tools and resources to start or enhance their current breastfeeding support practices. 

This toolkit contains informaition on:ngtlsaw

  • The Business Case to Support Breastfeeding at the Worksite
  • The Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • Lactation Support Laws
  • What Your Company Can Do and Where to Start
  • Policy and Policy Sample
  • Resources
  • Environment
  • Lactation Rooms
  • Lactation Program Assessment
  • Lactation Program Recognition
  • Local Resources Across Nebraska
  • Toolkits and Additional Support for Employers
  • Breastfeeding Resources for Mom

Download your copy of the toolkit and seperate page of resources for mom (English & Spanish).


Lactation Support Webinar Series

Part 1 - The Business Case to Support Breastfeeding, The Benefits of Breastfeeding, Laws Around Lactation Video, PowerPoint Handout
Part 2 - What Your Company Can Do, PSE (Policy, System/Resources, Environment), How to Decide What Your Company Should Do, Lactation Support Assessment Video, PowerPoint Handout
Part 3 - Recognition, Local Resources Across Nebraska, Toolkits and Additional Support Video PowerPoint Handout


Nebraska Breastfeeding Data

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System Data


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