Online Training Available!

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone, we are committed to play our part in keeping Nebraska safe and healthy. Many trainings, events, and services are still available to you online or via live webinar! Please contact us with questions at 402.483.2511 or email nesc@nesafetycouncil.org.

Driving Training

Learn more and register online for STOP Program , Teen Driver Education, Beginner Motorcycle, Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving, and more. Access resources to stay safe on our roads.

Worker Education and Events

Find safety and wellness trainings, events, and conferences.

Worksite Services

Get the details on a wide-range of services to support your safety and wellness programs, from audits to health coaching, industrial hygiene to integrated incentive strategy design.


Members can access resources like online video streaming, tool box talks, employee digests, and the new Worker 360° Risk Assessment.

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Total Worker Health® is defined as policies, programs, and practices that integrate protection from work-related safety and health hazards with promotion of injury and illness prevention efforts to advance worker well-being.

The Total Worker Health® (TWH) approach advocates for a holistic understanding of the factors that contribute to worker well-being. Scientific evidence now supports what many safety and health professionals, as well as workers themselves, have long suspected—that risk factors in the workplace can contribute to health problems previously considered unrelated to work.

Total Worker Health


The Nebraska Safety Council and WorkWell are privileged to be collaborating with NIOSH and the CDC on the Total Worker Health® program. For more information view our Total Worker Health® Webinar with NIOSH Total Worker Health® Outreach Coordinator, Chia-Chia Chang.

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