Think Safety Driving System

1989 VHS from Think Safety Driving System/AT&T, 83 minutes total

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This 83-minute VHS video has several different modules on the tape. Public Safety Announcement ads by Vince and Larry are sprinkled randomly in between modules throughout.

Driver Perception Quiz: a quiz of 22 true-false questions.

Emotions and Attitudes: illustrates negative emotions and attitudes, and offers positive alternatives (identify, predict, tolerate, separate).

Space Management: how to better manage limited space, timed interval concept, searching technique, lane positioning, legal and safety stop, stop sign, staggered stop, false start, lane selection, tire concept, turns from a stopped position, entering from a parallel position, and controlling the rear space.

Communication: how to communicate more effectively, how to understand communication from other drivers, and how to recognize conscious and unconscious communication.

Driving Standards: how to demonstrate driving standards to be used by all drivers, and how to develop driver awareness to appropriately use standards.

Driving Emergencies: how to alert drivers to emergencies, and some procedures to handle emergencies. Driver emergency factors are included.

Skid Control: program teaches recognition & prevention of skids, and demonstrates techniques to control skids. Skid factors and mechanics of a skid are included.