Employee Driver Safety Presentation

did you knowThe CDC reported that in Nebraska in 2013 crash deaths resulted in $311 million in medical and work loss costs1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said since 2014 Nebraska has had a higher road fatality rate per 100 million miles driven and per 100,000 population than the national average2. Overall, motor vehicle crashes cost Nebraska over $839,549,000 in 2015, when thirty-one people were injured each day and one person was killed every 36 hours3.

Driving is the most dangerous thing your employees will do each day. They should receive constant and continuous training in such areas as seat belt usage, cell phone and electronic device avoidance, distracted, defensive, fatigued and drugged and drunk driving. Establishing clear expectations for positive behavior and enforcing and informing employees of the consequences of negative behavior will mitigate any potential liability you could face from a vehicle crash.

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