Corporate Safe Driver Policy

driver safety flyerMotor vehicle crashes can occur anytime. In 2014, crashes represented 36% of all injury-related workplace deaths in the US. The type or job and company didn’t matter1. When they occur, employers face both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs of course might include medical care, worker compensation costs, disability payments, overtime to cover for absence, loss of knowledge or skills, reassigning and cross training employees to provide coverage and legal fees. Indirect costs might include loss of productivity, operational delays, decreased employee morale with increased stress, redesigning routes and schedules, training replacement, preparing insurance claims and managing and participating in litigation.

This even pertains to employers without a large fleet of vehicles. Among workers who died in motor vehicle crashes at work in 2014, 58% were not employed in motor vehicle operator jobs such as truck, bus and taxi drivers2. They may have only been performing work in their personal vehicles, but on the clock. When these crashes do occur, they are expensive. The CDC Foundation reports an average cost per non-fatal, on-the-job crash injury as3:

  • Not wearing a seat belt $79,229
  • Distractions $72,442
  • Speed $73,914

Employers face a higher level of risk and liability when their employees are involved in a motor vehicle crash. Through the process of disclosure, attorneys will request and obtain copies of cell phone and texting records. They will actually be able to see the physical content of the texts. They will request cell tower records to determine when an employee conversation began and when it ended. They will also review your current driver policy. If your policy is outdated or not thoroughly enforced you are at risk for a large judgement. For this reason, it is vital that employers have a current driver policy.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information on what a current corporate safe driver policy should look like. We are able to review your current policy and make suggestions for updating based on the current research from organizations like the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, OSHA, and CDC.