We are thrilled to offer new packages designed specifically for HR managers, supervisors, front-line staff, construction workers, and more! 


A Nebraska Safety Council solution. 



The Build Smart Bundle (BSB) is a collection of classes and training options facilitated by the Nebraska Safety Council to prepare your newest team member and provide ongoing training for your key staff members. This program is designed to work with your team to build their knowledge and confidence giving you peace of mind when they are out in the field.




The Employee Essentials Bundle (EEB) understands the challenges employers face to hire, engage, and retain people. Whether it is integrating an effective employee wellbeing plan, providing a creative and competitive benefits package, or simply keeping employees safe, Human Resources Management is a critical component to any organization’s success. Partner with the Nebraska Safety Council for valuable leadership training.



The Climate Craft & HVAC Essentials Bundle (CCHB) was developed for the HVAC Industry as a way to help engage team members, educate employees with life-saving training, and most importantly, create a cost-effective solution to maximize the overall bottomline. This program is designed to assist with onboarding of new team members and provide ongoing training for veteran staff.