The challenges for employers to hire, engage, and retain people continue to evolve. Whether it is integrating an effective employee wellbeing plan, providing a creative and competitive benefits package, or simply keeping employees safe, Human Resources Management is a critical component to any organization’s success. The Nebraska Safety Council is your partner in providing a comprehensive safety, wellness, and traffic solution.

The Employee Essentials Bundle (EEB) follows a First Step/Next Step path.

EEB First Step:

EEB Next Step:

According to Dr. Jim Harter, Chief Scientist with the GALLUP Organization, younger members of our workforce want the opportunity from their employer to grow their professional skillset.

This is where the Employee Essentials Next Step Bundle gives you the knowledge, skills, and support to engage your team and continue to stay on the cutting edge of resource management. The EEB Next Step Bundle includes:

EEB Additional Focus Training Options:

  • Wellness Portal
    • Cost: ($40 per user, per year - Member/$50 per user, per year - Non-Member)

With the Employee Essentials Bundle, you have added an entire support staff to your Human Resources Team.


EEB First Step Pricing:

  • $969 (Member)
  • $1,169 (Non-Member)

EEB Next Step Pricing:

  • $686 (Member)
  • $1,008 (Non-Member)

Full Bundle Pricing (EEB First Step + Next Step):

  • $1,655 (Member)
  • $2,177 (Non-Member)


Call or email Sheila Keck to sign up for the Employee Essentials Bundle.

Sheila Keck, 
Safety Services Coordinator
402-483-2511 ext. 114
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