The work done by the men and women in the construction industry accounts for 4% of the U.S. GDP. The demands of the construction industry require precision in managing resources including materials, equipment, finances, and your workforce. In any field or industry, frequency and consistency produce results. Developing and maintaining an educated and safe workforce provides results.

We cannot control materials costs, but we can work with your team to build their knowledge and confidence. It is called the Build Smart Bundle.

The Build Smart Bundle (BSB) is a collection of classes and training options facilitated by the Nebraska Safety Council to prepare your newest team member and provide ongoing training for your key staff members. This program is designed to work with your team to build their knowledge and confidence giving you peace of mind when they are out in the field.

The BSB follows a First Step/Next Step path.

BSB First Step: Whether it is a worker walking into their first construction job or a veteran needing a refresher to position themselves for more leadership roles, the BSB First Step will cover the basics to establish a strong foundation. The BSB First Step Bundle includes:

BSB Next Step: According to Dr. Jim Harter, Chief Scientist with the GALLUP Organization, younger members of our workforce want the opportunity from their employer to grow their professional skill set.

This is where the BSB Next Step takes your people to the next level and positions them to take on more management and leadership roles. The BSB Next Step Bundle includes:

BSB Additional Focus Training Options:

  • Scaffolding 
    • Cost: ($385 Member/$281 Non-Member)
    • Length of course: 8 hours

The Build Smart Bundle is your path to developing consistency and competence throughout your entire team.


BSB First Step Pricing:

  • $560 (Member)
  • $742 (Non-Member)

BSB Next Step Pricing:

  • $816 (Member)
  • $952 (Non-Member)

Full Bundle Pricing (BSB First Step + Next Step):

  • $1,376 (Member)
  • $1,694 (Non-Member)


Call or email Sheila Keck to sign up for the Build Smart Bundle:

Sheila Keck, 
Safety Services Coordinator
402-483-2511 ext. 114
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