This program consists of classroom learning and skills practice on the outdoor motorcycle range. Please see our three schedule options below and pick accordingly.

Safety and health are a top priority for us: classes are limited to six students and the instructor. Motorcycles will be assigned to students to use for the duration of practice and properly cleaned and sanitized. The range is a large, outdoor area where riders will be easily able to maintain personal distances of at least six feet as recommended. We would not offer this course unless we were totally confident in providing a safe and healthy environment for students and instructors.

Successful completion of this 3-day course entitles the rider to receive the "M" endorsement on their driver's license.
This course is approved by the Motorcycle Safety Motorcycle Group RedFoundation and the State of Nebraska.
All instructors are certified. The Nebraska Safety Council offers its Motorcycle Training class between April and October each year. 

Course Pre-requisite:   3-Hour E-Course (Included with Registration)

A printed certificate of completion must be presented at the first meeting of the class on Friday. It is highly recommended the e-course be completed not more than 1 week prior to class.

3-Day Course covers:

  • All the basic rules for safe motorcycling.
  • Controls, operation, and up-keep.
  • Safe and legal riding strategies.
  • Impairment and distraction.
  • Turning, braking, balance and other fundamentals of motorcycle operation.

The course (15 total hours) is held in Lincoln, NE.

A $50 no show fee applies to this class.

Class size is limited to six (6) students.

Students must provide the following safety gear:

Motorcycle Gear Red

  • DOT Approved Helmet
  • Eye Protection
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Over the ankle footwear
  • Long-sleeved shirt/jacket
  • Long (non-flared) Pants

Our thanks to Kawasaki Motor Manufacturing USA for allowing the Nebraska Safety Council to use their parking lot for the range portion of the course.

Every registrant must complete and bring the following Waiver of Liability Form to the first day of class or submit it electronically here. Note: You must first download and save a copy of the pdf to your computer. This can be sent to Tracy Burmeister at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Schedule A:
Friday: Classroom 6:30PM-9:30 PM
Saturday: Classroom 9:00AM-12:00PM, Range 1:30PM-5:30PM
Sunday: Range 8:00AM-12:00PM
Schedule B:
Friday: Classroom 6:30PM-9:30 PM
Saturday: Range 8:00AM-12:00PM, Classroom: 1:30PM-4:30PM
Sunday: Range 1:00PM-5:00PM
Schedule C:
Friday: Classroom 6:30PM-9:30 PM
Saturday: Range 8:00AM-12:00PM, Classroom: 1:30PM-4:30PM
Sunday: Range 8:00AM-12:00PM


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