Nebraska Safety Council Founders

In 2018, we announced a change in membership structure, combining safety and wellness memberships in 2019. This transition was influenced by our Worker 360° approach, a concept where deeply integrated risk management improves overall worker quality of life while positively impacting an organization’s bottom line. It was a tremendous milestone for our organization and our partners that was many years in the making. To commend the companies that were early adopters of this approach as dual members, we created the Founders Circle. These are leaders who were committed to engaging in both safety and wellness programs and champions of our mission. We are honored to recognize their efforts and ongoing dedication to helping their employees lead safe, healthy lives.



Charon Shared Services

CHI Health - Company Care

Commonwealth Electric Company

Farmers Mutual of Nebraska

Green Quest Recycling

Lincoln Airport Authority

Lincoln Electric System

Lincoln Industries


Neenah Foundry Deeter Operations

Schneider Electric

Smithfield Lincoln